January 15th, 2019

We do not have a message for our MPs

We do not have a message for our MPs

We at Doncaster Rovers Belles were going to write something about Brexit here like Boreham Wood FC apparently decided it was a good idea to do, but then we remembered that we’re a football club, not a Medium blog.

Here’s our fixtures instead. If you want to come and take a break from all the tedious politics and backbiting and nastiness, and instead would rather spend a few hours watching a fun game of football at a friendly club with a genuine community around it, we would be delighted to see you down at one of our games at Rossington Main any time.*

(n.b. When  we say “any time”, we mean “when there’s a game on”. Don’t just turn up and expect us to play on demand. That’s why we gave you the fixture list.)

We sell tea and pies and pints, and we have a young squad who try their guts out every game.

Tickets are just £3 for adults and £1 for concessions (children and pensioners). See you there.