Monday 5 September 2011

Buckley - We Were Outclassed

Doncaster manager John Buckley was disappointed with defeat after going out of the Continental Cup 4-0 at home to Birmingham but graciously admitted that the better side won.

“I thought we were outclassed. I just thought they were better than us,” he said.

“When you play against teams that are better than you, you’ve got to solve it a different way. You’ve got to kick them, pressure them as much as you can and not give them much time on the ball.

“It breaks your heart a wee bit when the girl [Rachel] Williams bangs the goals in when we brought her here for two years and helped develop her.

“At the end of the day when you’re on an eighth of the budget that Birmingham are on, and I’m not looking for an excuse, it’s difficult.

“We’re the paupers in the league and I think that was evident in the display.

“We could have pressurised better though. For me, there were only two or three in the team that worked really, really hard and kept going. I thought Katie Holtham kept going, I thought Aine O’Gorman kept going.

“I’m not blaming the officials or making excuses though because in the end Birmingham were on a different planet to us.”


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