Thursday 10 March 2016

VIDEO: Belles duo surprise a superfan!

​A Belles superfan was given the surprise of her life when she answered the door to her footballing heroes.

Belles duo Courtney Sweetman-Kirk and Rhiannon Roberts visited Maddi Risby's home in Doncaster to deliver the young supporter her season ticket ahead of the 2016 FA WSL 1 campaign.

Along with her ticket, the Plover Primary School youngster also got to interview and have her photo taken with Doncaster's sharp-shooting striker and stalwart defender.

Maddi's proud mum, Donna Risby, said on Twitter: "Making Maddi's dream come true. Thank you so much, Maddi couldn't believe it!"

Check out Maddi's surprise visit on our BellesTV channel HERE

Have you got your season ticket yet? There's still time by CLICKING HERE


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