Shaw: ‘unlucky not to take three points

Shaw: ‘unlucky not to take three points’

Head Coach Zoey Shaw believes her side were unlucky to lose out on all three points in tonight’s game against Huddersfield.

Shaw revealed the hard work that went into preparing for last night’s game, saying: “We trained last night so the prep was fresh in our head.

“We knew what game plan we wanted to apply and we knew how they were going to play.”

Despite Huddersfield setting up slightly differently to how Shaw expected, she was impressed with how Belles adapted to the game.

“I think the girls acted well and to go two goals up in that short space of time just shows credit to the girls.

“And it obviously reflected in them making two early subs.” She said.

Despite not matching the physicality and experiences of Huddersfield, Shaw talks of the transition Belles have made in the last few months that have accredited their run of impressive performances.

“What I think we’ve shown over the last couple of weeks is that belief, that grit, that determination, the desire.

“All of those things come into play and I think the girls are playing on confidence and now actually believe in themselves.”

The players have shown their ability to read each other in the game as a result of getting to know each other more and it’s ‘speaking volumes’, says Shaw.

Looking ahead this weekend and Belles’ game against Guiseley, Shaw is excited at the prospect of some reunions and says: “It’s one of them games where you play for pride.

“I’m sure after us beating them, they’ll come here to look to get something from the game.”

Belles welcome Guiseley to Rossington Main on Sunday ahead of a 2pm kick off.

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